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There is something lacking in the way we educate our kids. We raise them to be moral and well behaved, but hardly imbue them with a sense of Kingdom purpose and mission. They become like misguided missiles, very powerful, yet hitting no target. Do you know that children are for battle? The shape of our world is changing rapidly. Are your kids prepared for the brave new world of witches, magic, nephilims, mermaids, vampires, androids, multiple genders, radical Islam and post-humanism? Are our children being intentionally groomed to live in the vulgar age of a forgotten God; a world that lacks moral orientation and confuses evil for good: a world without conscience, and without a soul; a world without mercy, a world of Antichrist philosophies? Are they?

In this book, Ernest Pau; discusses:

Children are for battle

We must change our curriculum now

Imbuing your child with a sense of purpose

Raising strong children

A supernatural future

Activating your child in the supernatural

CentrePort Children's Ministry

Activating your child in the supernatural

The need for new child role models and heroes

Our children need new songs

How to raise mighty men and women for God

Teach your kids to anticipate God's calling

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You! Yes You

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About the author

Ernest Paul

Ernest Paul is called to serve God as an apostle. He has functioned as a prophetic voice within the advancing church for over 25 years. The author of about 17 books, Ernest is also the president of CentrePort Apostolic Ministry, Abuja.

He heads the Council of Seers And Prophetic People (COSAPP), a prophetic network with members spread across several nations. Ernest resides in Abuja with his wife Robyn and their teenage children, Errita and John

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