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Voice to the Nations

Ernest Paul is a bond servant of Jesus, called to serve as an apostle. His ministry path flagged off with the Rays of Hope Club, a teaching platform he founded at age 17. He began functioning as a prophetic psalmist in 1987/88, when the Lord through a move of the Spirit began restoring truths regarding the ‘Manchild’, sonship, and the salvation of the soul as the end of our faith. In 1995 he began Living Springs, a prophetic-teaching endeavour he led until the Lord asked him to go serve Paul Ogedengbe, the West Africa Senior Development Coordinator of the World Breakthrough Network, in 1998. He worked as the administrator of Breakthrough School of Ministry and served in the Reformation Centre, Lagos, until 2009, at which time he was already travelling the campuses, equipping the next generation with the Present Truth and publishing his earliest books.

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Upcoming Events

  • December 08-11, 2021

    Voice to the Churches International Conference

    Kingdom Prophetic Conference

    3Js Hotel, 31 POW Mafemi Crescent, Utako-Abuja

    9AM & 5PM

Latest Releases

Unleashing The Sons Of God (Expanded Edition)

It excites the spirit of the Lord that we are now in the most crucial moment in the history of the Eternal Church...

Rise of the Witness

Revealing and defining Kingdom administration and placements

Transcribed Messages

  • 2020

    The Army of God (4)

    Recently, the picture that's been in my heart when I think of the Army of God and the Army of God arising is a picture of Nehemiah building the wall with swords in their hands

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